Tim Head

Tim Head


Born in 1980, London.
Left College, entered film and video industry. Found street art as it was beginning in London and became part of the Finders Keepers crew. Got bored with street art and discovered zines and focused on his solo artwork. Had solo exhibitions in London, Madrid & Hamburg, as well as in group shows globally. He has been commissioned by Tate modern, Nissan, Lee jeans, Levis and super super magazine amongst other clients.
He has produced artist monographs, curated group shows around Europe and opened the infamous gallery Chapter One. Has been featured on Vice magazines VBS and is part of the courvosieur future 500.



  • To everyone lucky enough to be in Australia


  • Two Abstract pieces I made this week for a recent London group show…as it was made this week, can you spot the Tour De France 2013 reference?

  • Currently editing my first documentary, which is a short on a local biker legend ‘Ken’…

  • 2013 has already been an incredible year for cycling (still getting over that climb by Cancellara in Flanders)…and now we are over a quarter of the way through the first big Grand Tour of the year – the Giro D’Italia.

    The battle for the iconic Maglia Rosa has already seen its fair share of crashes, motorbike spills, Cavendish sprints, stormy weather and beautiful Italian landscapes, and with the first Individual time trial tomorrow its only going to get more exciting. You can find me for the next 16 days sat next to my Gaggia machine downing espressos and eating Pizza.


  • This week i was kindly given a new piece of art for my flat…an amazing wooden sculpture by the celebrated Dutch artist Merijin Hos.


    Merijin is a good friend of mine and is an amazing all round artist (collage, paint, illustration…), but recently he has been making wooden sculptures that have become REALLY popular. Exhibited around the globe (from the Netherlands to NYC) he has done hundreds of this beautifully charming pieces, and i am so proud to be given one by Merijin (even though part of it broke in the post!).

    See all the designs so far here and more of Merjins work here

  • Long time no blog! Lots of time in the studio making work, followed by a small holiday in south spain means that i’ve been away from my computer for far too long…Sorry Trieyes!

    If your in London this week, and in Notting Hill please come and check out a small group I’m in…

    Also I have released an A2 Giclee print  (50 editions) of a poster i designed last year for the group Black Dice. If you want one please check out my website www.timhead.com

    Apologies that todays post is heavy on the self promotion, but tomorrow ill be back with the usual music, art, books and nonsense :)

  • Whilst ‘Trip Hop’ is an (unfairly to me) dirty word, Mo wax records is without a doubt one of my lifes biggest influences. To describe why i love the label or its importance would require an academic essay, but coming from West London, at that time, it had a big impact on me and its influences are still being felt in the wider world today – from streetwear to art, music to video direction, the label is one of the all time greats.

    The reason i’m writing today about the label that closed over a decade ago, is because its slowly ( in a small way – for now) coming back to life with a new website… http://www.mowax21.com…and it looks there will be a book from Rizzoli and a big exhibition to celebrate its 21st birthday! The geek in me is already excited and i will be keeping a close eye on their new site and twitter feed…



  • Todays post is a few videos ive had on repeat and wanted to share… first up is Supremes new London video thats had this city gassing itself. Made by Oliver Payne and Rollo Jackson (Tape Crackers), its a fantastically true slice of London life, and the music is super on point

    Django Django have dropped one of my favorite videos of the year already – and its more a documentary than straight up video…

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