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    I was 6 and I was upset. 

    I was supposed to have gone to the zoo for the first time a week earlier but my mother’s plans pushed it back and I was still on a non-speaking basis with her over it. 

    I told her I was only going to talk to the animals and they would have to relay my messages to her instead. 

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    2D is the new black. Graphics and illustrations on clothing are the best way to make a piece completely original. It’s a good thing Japan is never short on brilliant artists! Here’s a design firm that really impressed me and compelled me to shop.

    I don’t know about you guys, but I tend to be a more adventurous shopper when I’m carousing around with someone else. While in Osaka I had one day to get to about 12 shops so Shuhei was with me to make sure i didn’t get lost. We turned a corner in the nondescript backstreets of Minamihorie where the vending machines are the most colorful things dotting the cement landscape… And passed by a darkish office. In the windows it looked like some hangars and products were on display. One appeared to be a cotton stuffed necklace printed with a giant cartoon-like diamond illustration. Thats kinda cool i thought. We shrugged, and walked in.

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    I always get a kick out of visiting the ​Jajaqucya (pronounced “jaJA-kucha”) shop when I’m in Osaka because it’s like I’m stepping into a video game. I mean, if Super Mario and Princess Peach had a giant closet in their castle of love it might look something like this. And the owners of Jajaqucya, who design their own brands Nice to Meet You and Kisotengai, just might be Mario’s royal tailors.

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    Some magazines and editors and even big designers are TRYING to sell us the story that no-one wants architectural heels anymore. That the classic, simple pump or kitten heel is in. That we are locking up our armadillo heels and throwing away the keys. But then the fashionistas in Tokyo practically THROW their cash at the craziest designs at Jeffrey Campbell, United Nude and DOG to dress up their feet in big shoes. Yes! No! It’s a full-on shoe WAR!

    Why can’t we just be friends?

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    I gotta get straight to the point: Comme des Garcons has released its newest brand, and it’s 5th designer to emerge from the CdG universe. This is HUGE. CdG doesn’t produce new brands like theyre candy or anything. The newest protege’s name is Kei Ninomiya and his brand is called NOIR.

    It is incredible.

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    Attending a Comme des Garcons exhibit in tokyo is the gift that keeps on giving because you could be there all day and not see everything.  There are always a million pieces to sift through, the next more incredible and surprising than the last. Even better, while the Cdg pieces lend themselves very well to the runway in its avant-garde glory, seeing the clothing up close…actually being able to *inspect* them, is a privilege. It’s a reminder that this isn’t a museum, this is fashion, and all of the fashionable  buyers wearing head to toe CdG as they make their orders is testament to that.

    The CDG main line. Check out the details and may your heart be still:

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    A quick note to all who are Paris-philes or daydreamers of visiting the most beautiful city in the world. All of the articles I wrote on my experience in visiting Paris as an actual traveler (as opposed to being a fashion-week prisoner) are now up on the Air France “380 Reasons to go to Paris”. The site has a beautiful layout and there’s lots of pretty photos and tons of info so check it out. Highlights included a trip to Kenzo HQ and showroom, and an interview with the designers of Kitsune in their flagship store.

    Also, I wanted an excuse to post an illustration that fellow traveler Tomomi Sakamoto drew of me wearing a lobster hat I found at Printemps Dept store. She got the nuance of that lobster down splendidly! Ah, memories… it’s been 6 months, time again to go to Paris I think, non? Mais oui!

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    What IS creativity??? For me, it’s having one foot in the trends and one foot outside that box. It’s imagination, it’s surprise, and it makes you feel EMOTION. It can also be strange and draw criticism for being too avantgarde.  All of this is creativity to me.

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    It’s GW and things are kind of slow so I took the RARE opportunity to half-retreat into silence and remodel and redecorate my apartment. The main urge behind this is that my clothing wouldn’t fit on my measly rack anymore so I fisted the “buy” button on a closet system online that spans my room’s walls. I needed some new hangars for it so I headed over to Tokyu Hands in Shinjuku and as I was passing the Louis Vuitton boutique on the first floor, I stopped dead in my tracks.
    What. Is. THAT. ….?!
    Insects!! Giant insects in the windows! And not crawly, dirty, gross insects, but ones made out of manipulated and collaged LV accessories and bags.

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    Isn’t a wonderful thing to have people to look up to, style wise? I’ve never had a thing for movie stars’ style as I find them to be oh so blase, so I tend to lean towards fashion people instead. Daphne Guinness, Isabella Blow and Michelle Harper are the biggies, with ELLE China’s Leaf Greener high up there too. Locally, I find Mika Nakashima’s elegant gothicism often inspirational, and so cool is our fav-o sock girl Momo from Avantgarde, too. But I have found a new girl that totally blows the style off the pants of anyone around her, in Asia or otherwise. Time to get to know a new true style maven, Judy Chou from Taiwan.

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