Christian Taylor

Christian Taylor


Born United Kingdom, 1980.
Director of Colourway.

Father / Designer / Screen Printer / Magazine Hoarder / Jazz Cat / Stuff.



  • Two Halves is the result of a collaborative effort between myself and good friend Charlie Crowther-Smith, a contemporary furniture designer and cabinet maker who fuses traditional wood working skills with forward thinking materials to create an array of eye catching pieces of work.

    I was given a blank canvas to create and develop a design for the doors.  My initial vision was to screen print each element of the design, but due to a number of unforeseen complications I decided to spray paint each door using a series of stencils.  The cabinet was featured at London’s 100% design exhibition, which later resulted in three commissions from Hong Kong based luxury department store, Lane Crawford.


    I run a textile printing business here in the UK and I have fond memories of working with some really inspiring and talented people throughout 2012.

    I have also spent the past 12 months developing a casual menswear label, Colourway, which has been a lifetime pursuant and feel that now is the right time to showcase my ideas.  I love researching new processes and the whole project has been a massive learning curve for me.  Piece by piece it is all coming together.

    I hope 2013 brings you all much happiness and props to Johnney for coming up with such a great idea.