6. Apr 2013

New Releases: VANS by KIROIC Part.1

High-end Design x Street Heritage


Original action sports footwear and apparel brand Vans is releasing a first ever street-wear based collaboration with design brand KIROIC‭, ‬Vans by KIROIC Collection‭. ‬

The inspiration of this collection comes from Kim(designer of KIROIC‭)’‬s initial iconic footwear designs‭, ‬which made use of Wool‭ ‬Embroidery of his original photography‭. ‬Drawing from Kim’s specialized colored light photography‭, ‬the designs were transferred to wool embroidery by way of handmade stitching‭. ‬And finally the stitched artwork was digitally mastered and transferred to leather for this Vans Collection‭.‬

The Vans by KIROIC Collection is part of the Vans California Collection‭, ‬and is presented in 3‭ ‬color ways of the Era shoe‭. ‬Kim’s‭ ‬crossover shoe comes black to the floor‭, ‬which contrasts to the colored embroidery image on the toecap‭. ‬As well‭, ‬the back part‭ ‬of the shoe comes accessorized with car seat belt-inspired hanging loop‭. ‬

text: Kosuke Sakai / Johnney Liu
design: Cindy Yang