6. May 2013

Store Highlights Vol.3: F.S.Z Tokyo

New-Style Street Brand in Ura-Harajuku


Ura-Harajuku is one of those areas that Japanese young people is gathering, in which many legendary brands and stores were born. March 16th, 2013, another new store, F.S.Z TOKYO, just came in sight, it should not have caught our attention unless the fact that it is started by a Taiwanese.

YOH, the designer of brand F.S.Z and owner of F.S.Z TOKYO, was graduated from the top fashion design school in Asia, Tokyo Bunka Fashion College.  “Tokyo is no longer a place ‘ruled’ by serveral local brands any more, Ura-Harajuku is not what it has been said to be, either. What I am starting represents the new direction and possibility of Tokyo. F.S.Z could still be seen as a street brand, but you will find that it is of a New-Style if you come to the store.” The designer said.

Hope this time, the selection of our serial feature STORE HIGHLIGHTS is as exciting as it has always been.

text: Kosuke Sakai / Johnney Liu
photo: Atsuko Tanaka
design: Cindy Yang