2. Apr 2013

IS and ISM: To Celebrate The Best Of Both Worlds

March 23th, 2013


After several years of preparation, Kazuki Kuraishi, one of the most important designers in the fashion scene in Japan, Naoko Hiroyama, the leader of the famous Japanese rock band Orange range, started is and ism together. and released their first album, SOMA FOUR EP.. Sweat, laughter, champagne… to celebrate the debut of great job done by the best of both worlds, they did a live show at the biggest and the most popupar club in Shibuya, Toyko – VISION. The photos here captured the beautiful moment, but in silence. Want to feel it? Go get yourself this new must-have album for your CD shelf.

text: Kosuke Sakai / Johnney Liu
photo: Atsuko Tanaka
design: Cindy Yang