6. Feb 2013

Hiroaki Shitano x Masaaki Homma

DIALOGUE: The Oral History of mastermind JAPAN
WHIZ x mastermind JAPAN Stadium Jacket


「 This feature is from my column on a Chinese magazine, SIZE magazine. We made this article because we did collaboration with mastermind JAPAN and made stadium jacket for 10 years anniversary of LUMP TOKYO, an official store of WHIZ LIMITED in Harajuku.
On the column much of the interview had to be omitted due to limitation of space but now finally we can show all of the conversation on trieyes.
I believe this is a very rare long interview which shows personality of Mr. Honma, designer of mastermind JAPAN.
I decided to do this collaboration not only because I like mastermind JAPAN as a brand but also because I hugely felt attracted to the personality of Mr.Honma.
I hope this interview will show the essence of mastermind JAPAN to people who have products of mastermind JAPAN and who are interested in them. 」

—— 下野宏明( Hiroaki Shitano )


text: Johnney Liu / Kosuke Sakai
photo: Atsuko Tanaka
design: Cindy Yang