2. May 2013

Everything can be canvas

Where Traditions Meet Pop Culture
SNEAKERWOLF's First Solo Art Exhibition @ LUMP TOKYO


Thanks to its designer SNEAKERWOLF, the new age sneaker brand LOSERS has been playing a vibrant role in the world’s street culture scene, which also led the designer himself to a new level. Recently, his first solo art exhibition ‘Everything can be canvas’ is open during the Japanese national holiday Golden Week.

This exhibition brings us his previous work as well as his own signiture style ‘Kanji-Graphic’, which is using English characters to paint Chinese characters pattern. The interesting and attracting part is that it has already been a traditional way of making pattern since the Edo period in Japan. What SNEAKERWOLF has done is to make the combination of pop elements and traditional cultures.

The inspiring exhibition started at LUMP TOKYO, the official store of a Japanese brand WHIZ. Collaboration items are also prepared for the customers, so make sure you do not miss the following contents.
sneakerwolf 1st Art Exhibition ‘Everything can be canvas’
Schedule: 2013/4/27 – 2013/5/6
Location: LUMP TOKYO Map

text: Kosuke Sakai / Johnney Liu
photo: Atsuko Tanaka
design: Cindy Yang