11. Mar 2013

Creator’s Choices: Motoki Mizoguchi

Bags for Life


In the ABOUT US section of the website, we introduced the concept of trieyes.com.

We are gathering the creators from all over the world, here they share their personalized vision using their third eye, through which we hope we can make more people inspired and benefited, fullfilling the desire for a better lifestyle.

Now, we started the serial feature, Creator’s Choices, which is an extension of the concept of this website. For each time, we will search for different creators, let them pick and recommend their favorite products under certain catogories. As for Vol.1, we found Motoki Mizoguchi from mo’design, who enjoys a high reputation in Tokyo graphic design industry. He has worked with many great names in Tokyo. This time he is going to choose bags from 7 brands for different use, hope you like it.

text: Johnney Liu / Kosuke Sakai
photo: Motoki Mizoguchi
design: Cindy Yang